Planet Grep

I was recently added on Planet Grep, a blog aggregator of Belgian peoples involved in Free Software community. Thanks to Wouter Verhelst to admit me. :)

So, let me introduce myself for people who read my blog for the first time and don't know myself. My name is Guillaume Desmottes, i'm 21 years old and study computer science at ULB (fourth year, pfff already the last one...).

I'm a free software addict since many years and are involved in GNOME and Ubuntu project. Currently, i'm mainly working on xchat-gnome a wonderful IRC client based on the well-know xchat engine. I also take part in the FOSDEM organisation since 3 years.

It's my first post in English[1], all the older posts are in French but i will try to post technical stuffs in English from now. It will be a good exercise for me.

So i hope you'll be interested by my blog (even if it's not always very interesting ;). Don't hesitate to drop a comment (in French or English[2]) and see you at FOSDEM !


[1] yeah i know, my English skills sux a lot

[2] in fact you can write in any other languages you want but i can't guarantee than i would be able to understand it ;-)


1. Le mercredi, février 22 2006, 01:47 par Alessandro

All I can say in english is "Want p0rn", "Sex is like open source, ...", "kernel panic", and so on. So you can't sux like me :p (or perhaps in bed ...)

Quelle langue de merde ! ;-)