XChat-GNOME 0.12

XChat-GNOME 0.12 “All roads lead to Sean Connery” is now available.

What is it ?

XChat-GNOME is a new frontend to the popular X-Chat IRC client which is designed with the user interface foremost in mind.

More informations can be found at: http://xchat-gnome.navi.cx/

What's changed ?

  • A new sheme for theme-based foreground and backgrond colors, with automatic palette optimization for mIRC color codes.
  • Remove redundant nicknames (with a gconf key to re-enable them)
  • Show a whois tooltip on users in the conversation panel
  • Display a tooltip with the description of plugins
  • You can now build XChat-GNOME HEAD using jhbuild (using gnome-2.16 modulesets)
  • A large number of bug fixes and smaller improvements
  • Updated translations

Contributors to this release

David Trowbridge, Guillaume Desmottes, Christian Persch, Przemyslaw Grzegorczyk, Gathy Grégory, Isak Savo, Steve Frécinaux, Jeremy Nickurak, Dan Kuester, Brian Pepple

Where can I get it ?