Jamendo Rhythmbox plugin

Yesterday was released Rhythmbox 0.9.8. This new version includes my Jamendo plugin.

Jamendo is a rocking musical portal from where you can listen and download a huge quantity of free (as in freedom and/or as in free beer) music. Like the Magnatune plugin, it gives you the ability to listen (streaming) and download all the Jamendo library (except that here you don't have to pay anything!). Download is done using Bittorrent and you can choose if you prefer OGG or MP3 files.

So you can very easily enjoy more than 20000 tracks from 1600 artists (that means more than 58 days of music!) and new albums are added each day. Furthermore, as you can see on this screenshot, the plugin interacts with the albums cover component.

Jamendo plugin

Rhythmbox playing B-Shake[1] from Jamendo


[1] Very cool rock band of a friend of mine


1. Le jeudi, février 22 2007, 13:02 par Phil

That is pretty spectacular... Thanks for both the plugin and for pointing me to the site!

2. Le jeudi, février 22 2007, 17:18 par Luis Villa

This is quite awesome, and along with magnatunes, very important. Congrats.

3. Le jeudi, février 22 2007, 21:43 par finferflu

That's awesome. Finally Jamendo can get more listeners! Thanks for everything, and I hope to see a package for Edgy as soon as possible...

4. Le jeudi, février 22 2007, 21:53 par Ralf

Thank you. I just stumble upon this post: i've been using the jamendo plugin for a about a week now.

I'm very excited: i didn't know about jamendo and i've been playing with it a lot. I also found lots of nice music. There are some great artists there. And its very easy to use and find new music.

Things that could be improved: - the album art works when using jamendo, but when you download the music the album art is not always shown (although this is not due to your plugin) - can you download the .torrent file directly and open it with the default torrent-client? Instead of using a webbrowser just to fetch a .torrent file (a wget in the background would suffice) - a button that opens the album and/or artist page?

PS. finderflu: you can find packages for edgy at http://getdeb.net they have a backport available for edgy, perhaps even dapper..

5. Le vendredi, février 23 2007, 01:32 par Anonymous

Is there something I'm missing to enable the browser for the Jamendo plugin? I can play songs fine, but it only ever shows the splash screen.

6. Le vendredi, février 23 2007, 01:57 par pseudo

Same as 5. for me. Looking forward to a fix. Willing to help with debug info. Just reply to the bugreport: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug....

7. Le vendredi, février 23 2007, 02:04 par jcs

Same as above anon poster, I can see the splash "jamendo is..." page, but no browser. Toggling the "browser visible" button in the toolbar does nothing. I did see a brief progress bar in the statusbar where it said "Loading catalogue" for a few seconds, but then it went away and the status bar now just says "0 songs".

8. Le vendredi, février 23 2007, 04:30 par jojoman

For the love of all that is open source, someone update the Rhythmbox news page.

9. Le vendredi, février 23 2007, 17:09 par Tenco

same as comment 5, 6, 7. Only splashscreen

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La discussion continue ailleurs

1. Le samedi, février 24 2007, 18:22 par The Puppet-Master

Merci Guillaume

Je tiens à remercier Guillaume Desmottes, créateur d'un plugin indispensable pour le non moins indispensable Rhythmbox (que les utilisateurs de Window$ et Mac vont finir par nous envier). Depuis la version 0.9.8 de Rhythmbox, donc, il est possible...