Hello Planet GNOME + new job

Hi, I'm yet another hackergotchi on Planet GNOME (but you can call me Guillaume).

Some words to introduce myself. I'm a Belgian GNOME hacker who mainly worked on XChat-GNOME with David. I'm very interested about IM in GNOME and so try to give also some love to Gossip, Telepathy...

Some days ago I was still student at ULB (the university where FOSDEM takes place) but I joined Collabora very recently[1]. I'm very excited about this new job as it gives to me the opportunity to work on very exciting projects and learn amount of stuffs with cool people.

Speaking of work, I'm in Cambridge (at Collabora's office) until the next Wednesday. First business trip woohh. :)


[1] it's my first week of work


1. Le vendredi, février 16 2007, 14:01 par Dodji

Hey Hey Guillaume !

Kudos for your new job ! Glad to see more GNOME hackers getting GNOME related jobs.

2. Le vendredi, février 16 2007, 17:42 par Tester

Attends moi, j'arrive!! Go Collabora go!