GNOME t-shirts @ FOSDEM

As previously announced by Vincent, we printed very sexy GNOME t-shirts for FOSDEM (thanks to Andreas for the design!).

They are sold 10€ in our devroom (H.1302) and for free if you are speaker in the devroom or member of the GNOME Foundation (but any donation is of course welcome ;).

So, don't forget to come and take our t-shirts (especially if you wrote your size on the wiki, there is one t-shirt reserved for you !).

FOSDEM 2007 t-shirts

Our official GNOME model wearing the GNOME@FOSDEM 2007 t-shirt


1. Le lundi, février 26 2007, 16:45 par fix

Hey Guillaume,

A shame I had to work this weekend, otherwise I would have come to fosdem. Learned a lot last year. Do you have any t-shirts left over? Can I order some? regards


2. Le mardi, février 27 2007, 13:32 par Guillaume

No sorry, we sold all the t-shirts.