Calendar synchronization

Thanks to Ross, Dates is now installed on my N810. I played a bit with it and it looks great. So great than I'm considering to use my N810 as an organizer. But I'd really like to be able to synchronize it with the Evolution running on my desktop.

Conduit seems really promising but I didn't see a Maemo port yet. Maybe OpenSync or Sync could do the job too? So, if anyone has some experience in N810 <-> desktop 2 ways synchronization, feedback would be really appreciated.



1. Le mercredi, février 6 2008, 18:21 par DataPath

I couldn't find a way to add a repeating calendar item. Did I just miss it?

For me, that's kind of a critical feature, and so to not see it there confused me.

2. Le mercredi, février 6 2008, 19:52 par Dennis Fisher

Conduit does actually have some work put into it to make it run on Maemo. I'm pretty sure it's not packaged anywhere yet, and may actually not be complete (I know it was being developed in a Chinook scratchbox and not the device itself), but if you poke around Conduit's site enough, you might be able to find the info to build it yourself... Hope that helps, sorry I don't remember where I saw that info though. :)

3. Le mercredi, février 6 2008, 20:03 par Dedalus

<blockquote>Sync is an syncronisation tool in very early stages of development and definetly not yet ready for general usage.</blockquote>

So I guess you'll have to wait if you want to use it.

4. Le mercredi, février 6 2008, 22:56 par Chris Lord

DataPath: Recurring events are not supported by currently released dates, but are supported by the new dates back-end, currently showcasing in openmoko-dates2. They'll be gtk/hildon versions when I have time :)

5. Le vendredi, février 8 2008, 23:50 par besfred

You might want to take a look at , if you are OK with an online Web2.0 app as Calendar hub.

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