Empathy IRC account configuration

Yesterday Xavier merged my Empathy irc-account branch. You can now very easily configure IRC accounts using empathy-accounts. We ship a XML file containing lot of well know IRC networks so users don't have to care about server address, port, etc.

This is the first step in my "use Empathy as a real IRC client" plan. Now we'll start a new set of libempathy-gtk widgets in order to create a dedicated application for multi users conversations (probably based on the interface of xchat-gnome).


1. Le lundi, février 18 2008, 23:03 par Étienne Bersac

Salut Guillaumes,

En route pour l'unification de la messagerie instantannée dans Gnome ! Gnome pionnier de la démocratisation de la messagerie instantannée ! Bravo ! Bonne continuation :D !

Étienne, qui devrait s'en inspirer pour travailler sur Cnome Scan.

2. Le lundi, février 18 2008, 23:32 par Papayou

Please, don't base the interface on xchat-gnome. I mean there's gotta be a reason why most of the people still choose irssi or bitchx over xchat on Linux.

3. Le mardi, février 19 2008, 00:10 par Misc

I think a application dedicated to jabber muc room woud be a great idea, or at least, a client as good as a regular irc client, one without the "roster part" of usual jabber client.

And to respond to papyou, I personnaly prefer to use irssi because it can be embedded in screen, because it scale better for a "heavy" usage of irc ( like being on lot of channel, ) and because of Alt + A, keyboard shortcut to go on a channel where there is "activity".

Lots of people use xchat too, and also lots of people use mirc.

4. Le mardi, février 19 2008, 01:34 par andre klapper

i wonder what the icq status of empathy currently is. for me it's the only thing that still blocks substituing pidgin by empathy. any quick status info appreciated.

5. Le mardi, février 19 2008, 02:22 par alex

Dont make a mistake. Please dont do it like xchat-gnome. Interface is terrible.

better take a look at konversation UI. It looks realy usable and like a macos colloquy client which interface is perfect. I recommend to take a look at http://colloquy.info/screenshots.ht... xchat-gnome treeview room list is terrible. Use the gtknotebook like its done in pidgin and konversation.

6. Le mardi, février 19 2008, 09:48 par Xavier Claessens

@andre: You can connect ICQ accounts using Empathy, it supports all protocols from pidgin thanks to telepathy-haze which uses libpurple.