Voice and video calls with Empathy

Thanks to the hard work of the Empathy, Telepathy and Farsight teams, VoIP is finally usable with Empathy. So you can now very easily do audio/video calls using Jingle and SIP. There is still a lot of UI polishing to do but it should basically work, so feel free to test and report problems.

You'll need Empathy 0.22.1, recent versions of Farsight, telepathy-stream-engine, gstreamer, gstreamer-plugins-farsight, and a gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg with H263 encoder if you want video support.

If you're using Debian Sid you should have the right versions of the Telepathy stack but need the Debian multimedia repo for video support (which is optinnal).

On Ubuntu Hardy you have to use Telepathy PPA and Medibuntu repos if you want video support. So just add to your sources.list:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/telepathy/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse
deb http://fr.packages.medibuntu.org/ hardy free non-free

Happy calling!


1. Le lundi, avril 14 2008, 23:12 par tadeucruz

Audio / video supporting this in telepathy-butterfly ??

2. Le mardi, avril 15 2008, 01:40 par Eddy Mulyono

You might want to mention (for Telepathy un-initiates) that this setup requires telepathy-gabble for XMPP/Jabber/GTalk. (and that username field on the account should include @gmail.com for GTalk accounts).

/me happy!

3. Le mardi, avril 15 2008, 03:26 par apater

Will it work on a XO laptop, or on Sugar emulated?

4. Le mardi, avril 15 2008, 04:35 par Matias

How hard will it be to work with other protocols, here at argentina we use msn a lot. What's the status of telepathy concerning this point?

5. Le mardi, avril 15 2008, 20:26 par Guillaume

Matias and tadeucruz: For MSN we need to implement the streaming part in a Farsight plugin and the negotiation in Butterfly. There is a SoC proposal, if it's accepted, I hope to see progress on this front during the next months.

apater: In theory yes. In practice, the Video-chat activity has a bit roten as it's currently not maintained. I'll test and try to fix the activity.

6. Le dimanche, avril 27 2008, 04:54 par Matías

Alo Guillaume. All clear about msn. However I've tried to make a call with a friend, both using empathy (and dependencies) on hardy with those repos and gtalk accounts The call never notifies to the calee :(

BTW. will this repos be kept updated in line with empathy's development?

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