In Cambridge

Since already 2 weeks, I moved to Cambridge, UK. That's a great opportunity to discover a new country, new culture, improve my sucky English, train my biking skills and, of course, to work in Collabora's Cambridge office. Things are going very well so far; I found a new house we share with Sjoerd, Will and my girlfriend Géraldine. After 1.5 year working alone at my place, I really enjoy to have a real desk in a real office with others Collaborans.


1. Le mercredi, septembre 24 2008, 16:54 par Ploum

Bon vent vieux crouton ! :-)

PS : bon courage à mademoiselle avec ses 3 geeks...

2. Le jeudi, septembre 25 2008, 03:15 par Alban

Merci à vous et aussi à Marco pour le bon repas :-)