refdbg with GLib 2.18

Dear lazy web,

Do you have any idea how to use the awesome refdbg with GLib 2.18? I use to rebuild my libglib2.0-0 package with

--enable-debug=yes --disable-visibility

and it worked fine, but since I switched to Ubuntu Intrepid (and so GLib 2.18) I have this error when trying to use it:

(process:6902): RefDbg-CRITICAL **: LD_PRELOAD function override not working. Need to build glib with --disable-visibility? (See README), aborting..



1. Le mercredi, décembre 24 2008, 22:44 par Diego E. "Flameeyes" Pettenò

I don't use Ubuntu but you might want to check if the -Bsymbolic linker flag is used during the build; that would have the same final result of using -fvisibility=protected (but not the same optimisation advantages).