Coding Ninja!!

Collabora is proud to present our new mascot: the coding ninja!

Mug, stickers and stress ball

The new very classy Collabora T-Shirt


1. Le mercredi, janvier 21 2009, 22:22 par elmarco

I love the stress ball, thank you collabora!

2. Le jeudi, janvier 22 2009, 01:54 par AdamW

He should have a guitar too. Ninjas are ALWAYS better when they have guitars.

3. Le jeudi, janvier 22 2009, 11:48 par Jaime Hemmett

Oh AWESOME, they're gorgeous. I'm wearing my Collabora tshirt that I received at GUADEC now, and I love it. Can't wait to see these at some event soon.

4. Le samedi, janvier 24 2009, 08:51 par juwan

nice model!!, she is sexy :p hahahahah

5. Le samedi, janvier 24 2009, 09:39 par Magnus

Since I know a few of the Collabora people are based in Cambridge UK I thought you might be interested in this:

There's a beginners course starting the 27th ;-)