Elisa Media Center RTBF plugin 0.5 released

Last week I released the 0.5 version of my Elisa RTBF plugin. As you can see from the release notes, this version adds two new features: the addition of all the Webradios and the support of the new video streaming system.

The latter is definitely the most interesting feature. The RTBF recently released their new video streaming flash interface. It's now possible to watch a lot of different shows (and not only the news as before) and the video quality was really improved. After some reverse engineering (thanks Wireshark!), I discovered that the flash client was communicating with the server using a simple AMF protocol. At this point it was really easy to query the server from my plugin using the great PyAMF library. This means that this new version of the plugin is able to access to the same content that the official flash client!

If you don't have Elisa installed and want to see the plugin in action, David uploaded a nice Youtube video.

Elisa updated his plugins repo so you should now be able to install this version directly from Elisa's plugins UI. Upgrade should also be done automatically if you have installed an older version of the plugin previously.


1. Le dimanche, mars 15 2009, 01:02 par Bastien

How about such a plugin for Totem? :)