Let's make GNOME a collaborative desktop

This morning, as planned, I gave my talk: "Let's make GNOME a collaborative desktop". I think it did pretty well. The audience (I'd say around 50 people) seems really interested and excited about the new features I presented. I uploaded the slides and added them to the list of Telepathy related talks.

I suggest you to take a look at them if you are interested about Telepathy/Collaboration integration in the GNOME desktop and/or are working on one of the following project: Epiphany, Tomboy/Gnote, Evince, Abiword, the clock applet... I suggested (with mockups!) some ideas about how Telepathy could bring some cool new features to your app.

If you are interested in implementing one of these days ideas, we'll be happy to help you on our IRC channel or mailing list.


1. Le mercredi, juillet 8 2009, 05:14 par Alexandro Colorado

Nice talk, again I would like to see if there is a window to explore about implementing a cross platform extension that can improve OpenOffice.org collaboration tools.

2. Le vendredi, juillet 10 2009, 14:39 par Nikolas

These look very interesting, thank you!