Empathy 2.28: Adium theme support

Empathy 2.28

Xavier recently released Empathy 2.28 which is a really important milestone for us. Lot of people have been involved in this new version which contains lot of changes and cool new features. I will try to present some of them in a few blog posts.

Adium themes

We merged an one year old branch implementing Adium chat themes support using Webkit. Old GTK+ themes are still present as well. Adium themes can be selected using Empathy's preferences dialog; they just have to be installed in ~/.local/share/adium/message-styles/ or /usr/local/share/adium/message-styles/ so distributions can easily package themes.

Adium themes support is currently optional; be sure to build Empathy with Webkit >= 1.1.7 to enable them. The Empathy package shipped in Debian and Ubuntu Karmic already have this feature.

What next?

Our wiki has a page listing tested themes. Feel free to try some, update the wiki and report bugs if you experience issues.

The theme selector could also be improved to display a preview or support CSS variants. It would be also rocking cool to have adiumxtra:// links properly managed so users would be able to easily install themes from the Adium website.

If you are interested in implementing one of these features, your contribution will be really appreciated. :)

The Renkoo theme in Empathy


1. Le lundi, septembre 21 2009, 23:53 par anonymous


2. Le mardi, septembre 22 2009, 17:28 par blah

This is such a useless feature. It's something KDE people would add, not GNOME. This turns Empathy from a lean and mean IM app into some weird franken-IM.

3. Le mercredi, septembre 23 2009, 00:08 par antono

I've created Adium theme installer for Empathy. http://gist.github.com/191499

But Firefox seems absolutely broken when I want to assign custom handler to some nonexisten protocol (like adiumxtra://). Spent 20 minutes trying to install it :(

4. Le mercredi, septembre 23 2009, 11:25 par yop

to Blah :

You're wrong. Every common users (eg not readers of pgo) wants to configure his chat window so to have eye candy and comfort in what is a key application of a connected desktop. And if it's done well, it doesnt clutter the UI as showed AdiumX

5. Le mercredi, septembre 23 2009, 17:53 par Guillaume

Antono: Great! Thanks a lot. Someone else started to write some code doing that as well. Could you please join the discussion on the bugzilla to see how your efforts could be combined? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug...