Empathy 2.30 Roadmap

More and more distributions are now planning to ship Empathy as their default chat client: Fedora, Mandriva, Moblin, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, and so on. As a result of this, and because we want to offer the best experience to our users, we at Collabora decided to put more resources on the Empathy project. That's why, as of this Monday, I'm now working full-time on Empathy, and have become co-maintainer with Xavier.

One of my first tasks has been to write a roadmap for Empathy 2.30. As I said on the wiki page, these are really just guidelines detailing the general direction we want to give to the project. We'll, of course, continue to review patches[1] from contributors and to fix nasty issues such as regressions and crashers reported by users.

So don't hesitate to report any issue you could have experienced with Empathy and join the Empathy/Telepathy community to help us to make 2.30 rock!


[1] yay for the new review feature on the GNOME Bugzilla!


1. Le mercredi, octobre 21 2009, 22:16 par mimox

It is incredibly nice to finally being able to use the telepathy stuff which has seemingly under development forver... I am living without Pidgin for a week now and it seems to go well so far. Only critical missing feature in Empathy right now is OTR... :/

2. Le mercredi, octobre 21 2009, 23:38 par mie

Can't file a bug report right now, but have you noticed, that when going on and off in MUCs, the contact/user-list disappears?

Maybe online/offline status should be bound to NetworkManager, so that could be improved?

3. Le mercredi, octobre 21 2009, 23:50 par Staz

@mimox > OTR is a problem that can be solved in Empathy only. See http://robot101.net/2009/10/14/tele... for the plans for OTR

@mie : Empathy already use NetworkManager if you have the support for it compiled

4. Le jeudi, octobre 22 2009, 00:34 par Rômulo Fernandes

Hey Guillaume, thanks for taking a look at my patch! Im installing a new development environment and i will correct the issues you pointed out =] Soon i will let you know about it!

5. Le mardi, octobre 27 2009, 14:29 par Oaphs

What about "hiding to contacts when i'm writing?"

6. Le lundi, avril 19 2010, 08:55 par plombier paris

Très intéressant comme article. J'ai fais un petit tour et j'aime beaucoup votre blog, continuez ainsi ;)