Moovida ARTE plugin

Few weeks ago I released a new plugin for Moovida. This little brother of my RTBF plugin brings content from the ARTE+7 website to Moovida.

ARTE is a cultural Franco-German public TV network providing lot of very interesting documentaries. Unfortunately, because of legal reasons, most of the documentaries are only available from Germany, France and Belgium. That's a shame because the content is generally pretty good. So if you are lucky enough to live in one of those countries you should really install Moovida and give the plugin a try (it should be installed by default now).

Three weeks ago Fluendo and Mandriva organized a plugin developement contest. The contest ended last week and I won! To celebrate that I wrote a small text introducing myself and my FOSS contributions on the Moovida blog.


1. Le mercredi, décembre 23 2009, 23:36 par Pierre

Merci beaucoup :-) Vielen Dank !