Interview in Linux Pratique Essentiel

Few weeks ago I answered some questions to Anthony Carré (yeKcim) for a French Linux magazine oriented end-users. The interview is now available in Linux Pratique Essentiel no 14.

I talk about the Empathy and Telepathy projects: what are our goals, what we are trying to achieve, our plan for the future, how to contribute, etc.

You can skim through the magazine on their website but this is what the 3 pages of the interview look like:


1. Le samedi, mai 29 2010, 14:19 par Bastien

Is the article available to read somewhere online, or do we have to squint at the scans? :)

2. Le samedi, mai 29 2010, 16:11 par Guillaume

I don't think it is.

3. Le mardi, juin 1 2010, 09:02 par Stephane Wirtel

Pas mal ;-)